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Active 300B
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  System Design
System Design

At Aurum Acoustics, we believe there is considerable advantage in the active loudspeaker concept. Conventional full-range loudspeaker and amplifier design necessitates numerous limitations and uncertainties in the design and performance of each product. These disadvantages can be overcome in an active loudspeaker design, however, few active loudspeakers from existing companies have incorporated even a fraction of the opportunities and advantages afforded by an active design. Finally, the Integris Active 300B, a breakthrough product from Aurum Acoustics, demonstrates the superior capabilities of active loudspeakers.

The Aurum Acoustics advantage includes tri-amplification, customized single-ended-triode vacuum tube amplifiers, top-quality solid-state amplifier design, optimized loudspeaker design and customized cables. All parts of the Integris have been extensively tuned and tested to perform optimally together to deliver an unparalleled music listening experience. The Integris active loudspeaker system is a product for those audiophiles who recognize conventional audio components as a key limitation in their pursuit of musical truth and satisfaction from their audio systems. With the Integris, they finally have an option that brings the music closer to them.

Elimination of Passive Crossover
Bandwidth Specialization of Amplifier
Stereo Tri-Amplifier
Loudspeaker Design
External Cables and Connections

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