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Loudspeaker Design

The loudspeaker is a three-way design utilizing one driver per frequency band. This configuration offers tremendous overall musicality and accuracy. Alternate configurations using more drivers in various arrays were attempted in experimental trials, however, none offered greater musical substance than a rationally implemented three-way design. The front baffle of the enclosure is tilted back ten degrees to align the driver voice coils for precise integration in the crossover frequency regions with optimal phase coherency between drivers. Extensive measurement and listening tests were used to arrive at the driver selection, arrangement, and electronic crossover type and tuning.

The critical midband is satisfied using a high-efficiency B&C driver. This 98dB treated pulp cone driver utilizes an uncommonly powerful magnet and motor structure with a lightweight cone to deliver midrange detail and accuracy that set it apart from conventional hifi midrange drivers. This type of driver would be all wrong for use in a conventional passive crossover equipped design as challenging crossover design and excessive attenuation would mask its advantages in fact the transparency of the driver may further emphasize passive crossover faults. In an active crossover implementation it is ideally free to operate to its fullest potential.

The tweeter is a Seas Excel series unit with a Sonotex soft dome. This version is ferrofluidless and offers ribbon-like high frequency detail and transient response. Unlike ribbons, the dome design provides for excellent off-axis response and even crossover to the midrange. Among numerous tweeters auditioned, the Seas units offer the most natural overall sonic quality and are a seamless match to the midrange.

Operating from about 350Hz down to the infrasonic range is a high-performance 10" woofer newly designed from Seas. Utilized in a sealed, rigid, highly-braced and well-stuffed enclosure, the resulting dynamics, clarity and naturalness set a new standard for low frequency performance. The treated paper cone delivers a clean and responsive upper frequency range whose character seamlessly matches the midrange. The low Q tuning of the sealed design and freedom from the excessive group delay and resonance of ported and passive-radiator designs allows for exceptionally tight and tuneful deep bass. The active equalization of the Integris amplifier system and its customized solid-state amplifiers provide for bass extension to less than audible frequencies that virtually no conventional passive loudspeaker can reproduce.

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