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External Cables and Connections

Aurum Acoustics has investigated numerous cabling products and solutions for the Active 300B system. We have found that a customized Cardas Audio based cable set offers the highest level of performance and ease of use. Two pairs of loudspeaker hookup cables are included with each system.

For the mid and high frequencies, a single cable harness employs two discrete runs of Cardas SE15 cabling optimized for low power single-ended-tube amplifier hookup. This 15AWG cable is terminated with 4-pin gold-plated locking Neutrik XLR connectors. The XLR offers maximum connectivity and sound quality, is literally a snap to use, and guarantees correct connections with no risk of miswiring. Matching XLR receptacles are used on the amplifier and loudspeaker cabinet.

For woofer hookup, an 8AWG Cardas twisted-quad cable optimized for high power and solid-state amps delivers maximum performance. Termination is via rhodium-plate Cardas Colver milled copper spades. Amplifier and loudspeaker feature the innovative Cardas Patented Binding Posts with their convenient single-knob clamping system. The CPBP are also rhodium-plate copper.

The Cardas Audio website provides extensive details on each of their components mentioned above. Aurum Acoustics uses Cardas Golden Reference Power Cords and Interconnects in its reference system to round out the cabling requirements.

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