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  Integris CDP
Active 300B
  2008 Updates
  System Design

Late in 2007 we updated our Integris CDP and added 2 new exciting options to it. Entering 2008, we have new updates for the Integris Active 300B that were made readily apparent by the newly improved Integris CDP. Altogether, we have successfully raised the fidelity of the product while adding even more musicality.

New woofer amplifier circuitry - Aurum Acoustics has adopted the UCD Class-D solid-state amplifier technology for the Active 300B and for future solid-state amplifier projects. Class-D doesn’t mean “digital” and the UCD technology is the absolute least digital possible – these are the clearest and most pure transistor amplifiers we’ve heard and are a great complement to our exceptionally refined tube amp circuits. Combined with our own custom driver circuits, the new bass amp delivers identical power as before (100 watts per channel) but notably improved dynamics and transparency.

New input wiring scheme - You can’t see it but the wiring from the signal input connectors to the tube sockets significantly influence the sonic character. We have a new wire choice that delivers full yet detailed and dynamic sound.

Spikes and counterpoints - As with the Integris CDP, a trio of stainless steel spikes are now supplied for use with the amplifier – these optimally interface with our Integris Rack to minimize the effect of acoustic vibration. In addition we now include decoupling Counterpoints with the loudspeakers and the Integris Rack. Counterpoints fit in under spikes and have mutilple layers within them that reduce the transmission and storage of vibrations to the floor. Their effect has been useful in every setting we have encountered so far.

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