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Owners of an Aurum Acoustics product or complete system can maximize their audio system’s performance with our accessory offerings. They are designed or selected to offer simple installation and ease of use while still offering the highest level of performance possible. This range of accessories ensures we can deliver complete turn-key optimized systems rather than leave the end users to guess at what may work best. Most of these items are available via limited distribution only to Aurum Acoustics customers and dealers. This is what we typically use when we demonstrate our products.

The complete Aurum Acoustics system

Loudspeakers and Rack shown in Honeygold Burl veneer
Integris Rack

Integris Rack – This two-shelf rack is a high-performance vibration isolation and damping system custom-made by us in matching wood veneer and metal finishes to the Integris products. With its elegant appearance and fine sonic results, it is the perfect complement to complete your Aurum Acoustics system. See our detailed Integris Rack description here.

Aluminum Loudspeaker Base Kit

Aluminum Loudspeaker Base Kit – It provides very stable support and dual threaded footer options (6mm and 0.25”) to permit a wider range of footers to be used if necessary. The design enables superior coupling of footers to the cabinet via rigid bolting of 13mm thickness black anodized brushed aluminum members.

Loudspeaker Grill Kit

Loudspeaker Grill Kit – Like virtually all loudspeakers, ours sound their best without grills and we strongly prefer that they be used that way, however, some people may want a grill to place over the drivers some of the time. For them we have a kit that allows easy and temporary grill placement. It employs 5 point mounting that easily allows placement and removal of the grill. The mounting points are special replacement long-headed driver-mounting screws and the kit includes all necessary hardware and tools. These special screws ensure we don’t have unsightly grill mounting hardware permanently embedded on the baffle.

Integris Power Cords

Integris Power Cords – Managing the incoming AC power has much to do with reaching the potential of a high performance audio system and the power cord is a crucial element. After numerous trials we can now offer a highly customized power cable produced for us by Cardas Audio. This cable is the best we’ve heard in numerous applications and is available in various lengths. Usual stock is in numerous lengths from 1.5 to 3.0 meter but any custom length is available as are international wall plugs. See our detailed Integris Power Cord description here.

Power Cords

Wattgate 381 outlet – This super-quality replacement AC wall outlet is the perfect match for our Integris Power Cords which use Wattgate connectors. The 381 sounds great with any cord we’ve tried but truly synergizes with our own. Available in Type B [North America] versions only. Normally in stock.

Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects

Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects – we’ve heard none more natural, transparent, and true to music. We use Cardas low-level signal wiring and connectors inside our products that are ideally mated with the CGR IC and therefore enables a synergy of design and performance. We normally stock these only in a 0.75 meter length with RCA connectors as is needed for the Integris system in the Integris Rack.

Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum Tubes – We have evaluated many alternative 300Band 6SN7 tubes and found none superior to those we provide. As our Active 300B amplifier operates its tubes very conservatively we seldom expect to see the need for replacements but we will have them if needed. We put all of our tubes through a thorough set of evaluations and record their performance for future reference so a close substitute may be provided.

Golden Sound Ceramic Cones

Golden Sound Ceramic Cones – “Super” model only. These work exceptionally well with our products both on the Integris Rack and virtually everywhere else we’ve tried them too. Normally in stock as a case of three.

Power Conditioning

Power Conditioning – The only device in our experience to offer sonic benefits are the parallel/passive type from Richard Gray (we do not stock or distribute Richard Gray products). All series connected units, active or passive, that we’ve tried have diminished sonic performance relative to plugging the components direct into the wall (caveat: there sure are a lot we have not tried). There is nothing particular in our product designs to make them technically incompatible with various conditioners. Still, we suspect that some complex systems or systems exposed to chronically poor power conditions may well benefit from more aggressive active or series type conditioners.

Customers and dealers may inquire as to the suitability of other accessory products. Surely there are many that could work very well, however, we certainly could never find the time to evaluate them all. Alternate accessories may even provide sonic adjustments that may suit a particular environment or listener’s preference. We can surely allow some latitude for alternate preferences. Besides our specific picks above, we can provide users with the designers’ perspective that should be advantageous in helping to find a direction to go in.

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