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New Options for the Integris CDP:

MC/MM Phono Input Section

  • 43-81dB gain
  • -83dBA noise
  • 50-47kohm loading
Headphone Amplifier
  • 16ohms+
  • 7Vrms / 1w+ capable

Phono Headphone Module

The Integris CDP was designed from the beginning to be a modular, upgradeable and expandable platform. Two of the earliest foreseen options are now available!

The Phono Input Section allows vinyl enthusiasts to add top-notch LP playback to their systems without the hassle and cost of an external phono stage and extra power cords and interconnects. Our Phono board installs neatly within the Integris CDP and there are numerous gain and loading options all easily accessible on the rear panel providing flexibility to work with a wide range of cartridges. The design is particularly optimized for superior low-output moving coil cartridges and uses high-quality step-up transformers to quietly add gain and deliver maximum fidelity. See our webpage describing the Phono Board option in more detail.

The Headphone Amplifier permits an Integris CDP to be a total state-of-the-art one-piece electronics solution for the enthusiast of private listening! Again, with the elimination of a power cord and interconnects, as would be required for an external headphone amp, the value and performance of this option is phenomenal. The excellent resolution, low noise, and current capability of this amplifier makes it capable of successfully driving virtually any headphone having as low as 16ohms impedance. See our webpage describing the Headphone Amplifier in more detail.

Both options may be installed simultaneously or separately on our accessory rear panel.

Pricing of these options are (msrp USD/CDN):

  • Phono Input Board - $2500
  • Headphone Amplifier - $1000 by itself or $800 when purchased with a Phono Input Board.

Existing Integris CDP owners may contact Aurum Acoustics for advice and estimates on retrofitting their units to include these options to the exact same high performance level. Likewise they can also avail of the latest analog circuit upgrades described here.

Integris CDP Owner's Reference Guide Addendum

Click to download the additional content for the headphone and phono stage options.

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