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Phono Stage Option

Phono Stage OptionVinyl enthusiasts rejoice! This exacting, flexible, and high performance phono preamplifier option fits right into our Integris CDP chassis and eliminates at least one external box, shelf space, power cord, and pair of interconnects. Specifications and sonic performance are on par with the finest outboard phono stage offerings without the complication. With this optional offering we are perfectly capitalizing on our brand’s theme of doing more with less as this efficient implementation eliminates unnecessary cost and complexity, signal loss and degradation, and preserves maximum performance.

A wide range of modern phono cartridges are supported with numerous gain and loading options, with special emphasis on meeting the needs of low-output moving coils having low impedance. Step-up transformers deliver quiet, dynamic, and uncoloured voltage gain for LOMCs. Precision sealed relays on a gold-plated PCB provide the cleanest and shortest possible signal path input – the rear-panel control switches are always accessible and not in the signal path. Top quality film capacitor technology developed for our Integris Active 300B helps provide accurate RIAA equalization and superior sonics compared to the lesser caps used in most phono stages. The latest active gain devices deliver noise levels well below the surface noise of an LP and tremendous soundstaging ability. The phono board also benefits from using the CDP’s excellent regulated master power supply rails while also having further regulation and noise filtration directly on board.

The phono section utilizes one of the Integris CDP’s three Unbalanced Line Level Inputs. This Input may be renamed “Phono” or whatever the user likes. As with all the Line Level Inputs, a further gain offset feature of up to +/-12dB may be used to normalize the phono section’s playback level to that of CD or other Inputs.



  • Options: 43 / 49 / 55 / 63 / 69 / 75 / 81 dB
  • Nominal minimum of 43dB@1kHz
  • MC step-up transformers add +20dB or +26dB
  • Optional circuit settings add +6dB or +12dB
  • Subsequent Line Level sensitivity adjustment: +/-12dB in 0.5dB steps
Input Impedance
  • Switchable: 50 / 120 / 200 / 470 / 20k / 47k ohms
RIAA Deviation
  • +/-0.1dB 20Hz-20kHz
Maximum Input Level (1kHz) / Headroom
  • MM/HOMC: 70mV / 23dB ref. 5.0mV
  • LOMC: 7.0mV / 23dB ref. 0.5mV
  • LOMC +6dB: 3.5mV / 23dB ref. 0.25mV
  • MM/HOMC: -83dBA, -74dB unweighted
  • LOMC/ LOMC +6dB: -83dBA, -68dB unweighted
Channel Separation
  • MM/HOMC: 68dB
  • LOMC/LOMC+6dB: 64dB
  • <<0.01% THD with any input, loading and level

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