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Headphone Amplifier Option

Headphone Amplifier Option Headphone listening offers the audiophile an opportunity to shortcut numerous costs and compromises in high fidelity music playback. With our Headphone Amplifier option built into the Integris CDP, that opportunity has never been greater. The Integris CDP offers numerous advantages over external headphone amplifiers Ė our design has no loss of quality, complication, or high costs associated with an external amp, extra interconnects and power cords.

The headphone amplifier circuit is based on the latest in current-control technology specifically for driving headphones. The signal management is fully differentially driven and buffered from the Integris CDPís main outputs. The circuit, constructed on a gold-plated PCB, has 2 pairs of its own low-noise regulated power supplies while also benefiting from running from the excellent master analog supplies of the Integris CDP. A more concise amplifier implementation is difficult to imagine and the sonic results back it up.

The sound is precise, open, and spacious. There is abundant detail but no glare and edge. The outstanding performance and musicality of the Integris CDP comes straight through. The circuit is noise-free and intrinsically neutral: the userís personal choice of headphone will dominate the sonic signature heard.

An easily accessible headphone output Mute switch allows the headset cord to remain connected full-time. Users must separately mute or power-off an amplifier connected to the CDPís main outputs.


Maximum Output, Frequency Response, Distortion

  • +19dBu (7Vrms) / 1watt+ below 50ohms
  • DC to >100kHz / +/-0.1dB, 20Hz-20kHz
  • <<0.01%THD

Recommended Impedance

  • 16ohms minimum; no upper limit


  • -94dB unweighted, ref. 1V

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