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Latest Updates

NEW Q4/07

  • Analog Circuit Improvements
  • Standard for all units shipping beginning Q4/07
  • All existing units may be economically refitted

Built-in high performance phono input section

Earlier this year, Aurum Acoustics began work on accessory options for the Integris CDP: a built-in high performance phono input section and a headphone amplifier. On these optional boards, we evaluated some of the very latest state-of-the art board-level parts. Naturally we tested some of them within the analog circuits of the CDP and we were very impressed with the results. In fact, we achieved well more than we expected!

The areas of circuit improvement include the DAC conversion section, the main preamplifier output circuits, and the analog input signal handling. Technically, the measurable changes to distortion, noise, etc. are all at the fringe of measuring equipment, so we have little to quantify the changes there except to say that most everything is at least a little better. We have marginally boosted the power supply voltages so maximum output levels are up 20% to more than 10Vrms (20Vrms balanced).

As prior reviews attest, the sonics were already quite good but now we have achieved something significantly superior. Soundstage dimensionality is substantially increased in every direction; dynamics, clarity and detail at all frequencies are improved; tone and naturalness are ever closer to the real thing. In short, there is more music and less electronic signature present. While more resolving, the sound is warmer and should mate ideally to a very wide group of partnering components. In our experience, the ease of reproduction is most akin to a great tube preamplifier but without the bulk, heat, noise, warm-up wait, varying performance and maintenance of tubes. The degree of improvement eclipses that of any external upgrade possible such as upgrading cables or amplifiers at any price Ė this is the benefit of following our philosophy of integration and making the source as ideal as possible.

We are also including a new steel spike footer design as a standard included optional-use accessory. The set of 3 spikes is optimally used with 2 spikes threaded tightly into the bottom front corners of the chassis in place of existing rubber feet and the remaining one used loose without a threaded connection. The enhanced vibration management helps the Integris CDPís new level of performance come through unimpeded. These excellent spikes will also be made available without threading adaptors for general use with other components at $200 per set.

Pricing and Availability

The retail price for the Integris CDP will increase immediately from $12,000 to $13,500 USD. The good news is this price change only modestly reflects the performance improvement brought by the new upgrades. The change is primarily and entirely justifiable due to the depreciation of the US-dollar relative to most currencies. The Canadian dollar is up 15% already this year with currency exchange now effectively at par. At this new US-price, we are actually offering more product for the same or less return to us compared to last year, particularly when the costs of the recent circuit improvements and the provision of the new spike kit are factored in.

We will also be evaluating price increases for other products on an item-by-item basis. All changes are likely to be in effect no later than January 1, 2008. All Canadian pricing shall be at par.

Existing Integris CDP owners may contact Aurum Acoustics for advice and estimates on upgrading their units. Likewise they may wish to consider adding the new accessory boards described here.

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