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  Integris CDP
Active 300B
  2008 Updates
  System Design

Single chassis stereo triamplifier with integral active crossover.

Exclusively for use within the Aurum Acoustics Active 300B active loudspeaker system.


  • All precisely machined anodized aluminum panels of 10mm and 3mm thickness, assembled with machine screws
  • Front panel 4" high x 19" wide
  • Main body: 22" deep x 18" wide x 3.625" high
  • Overall dimensions with tubes installed: 10" high x 19" wide x 23" deep
  • Weight approximately 32kgs / 70lbs.
Low Frequency Power Amplifier:
  • 100watt solid-state output module designed and manufactured by Bryston
  • 500VA Plitron toroidal transformer
  • 44,000 uF capacitance power supply filtering and energy storage
  • Hyperfast soft recovery diodes
  • Independent AC power fuse
Mid and High Frequency Power Amplifiers:
  • Individual 300B output tube in single-ended-tube circuits with zero-NFB delivering 5watts before clipping
    • conservative 20watts plate dissipation (only 50% of maximum) for long reliable tube life (10,000hrs+ expected)
    • cathode bias for simplicity, reliability, and sonic quality - no adjustments necessary
    • Sophia Electric mesh plate 300B supplied; all available 300B tubes are compatible
    • Custom-made polypropylene film cathode bypass capacitors for superb transparency and musicality - superior to typical electrolytics
  • Plitron toroidal output transformers
    • custom designed by Menno Vanderveen for Aurum Acoustics
    • optimized for higher frequency ranges - superior to transformers that must also run bass frequencies
    • high impedance transformers provide the linearity of running the 300B at 40watts dissipation but without the tube stress and failure rate
  • DC filament supplies using choke-equipped pi filters and high voltage supply with extensive choke-equipped pi filters and cascaded filtering for the input sections
    • noise suppressed to better than 80dB
    • no adjustments required
  • 6SN7 driver and input/crossover stages with zero-NFB
    • optimized to match the 300B output stage for minimum distortion and optimal sonics
    • screened and matched ElectroHarmonix tubes supplied
    • customized polypropylene film coupling/crossover capacitors and precision metal-film resistors used in all related circuits including crossover functions
  • Independent AC power fuse
  • Signal input Cardas rhodium-plate RCA
    • Internal wiring Cardas golden ratio, constant Q, crossfield, pure copper litz
  • Neutrik 4-pin XLR with for mid and high frequency output
    • a superior performer for this application that makes connections fast and easy
    • internal wiring: Cardas SE golden ratio, constant Q, crossfield, pure copper litz
  • Cardas Patented Binding Posts for low frequency output
    • convenient single-knob clamping
    • solid rhodium-plated copper contacts - perfect match to the Cardas spades used on the matching cable
    • internal wiring is Cardas 9AWG golden ratio, constant Q, pure copper litz
  • 15A IEC power inlet with integral RFI/EMI filter
    • external power conditioners not necessary
    • Accepts all standard 15A power cord connectors
    • Aurum Acoustics optional power cord highly recommended
  • All solder throughout the system is Cardas quad-eutectic with copper and silver content
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