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  Integris CDP
Active 300B
  2008 Updates
  System Design
Integris Active 300B System Specifications

Crossoverless 3 way loudspeaker.

Exclusively for use within the Aurum Acoustics Active 300B active loudspeaker system.


  • Asymmetrical shape
    • supplied in mirror-image pairs with distinct Left and Right cabinets
    • front baffle sloped 10 degrees drivers outputs arrive at the listener simultaneously
    • outer side sloped 8 degrees enhances aesthetics, enhances rigidity to diminish panel vibration
    • chamfered edges with varying profile around midrange and tweeter minimize baffle width and baffle diffraction effects

  • Rigid construction
    • 2" front baffle for solid support of drivers; woofer and mid entries are internally sculpted to eliminate short-path reflections from the driver hole edges
    • steel inserts and cap-screws tightly mounting the drivers
    • 1" thick side panels provide stiffness
    • multiple horizontal and vertical window braces and a solid divider between midrange and woofer add resistance to panel resonance
  • 6mm inserts on bottom panel allow 3 or 4 point support
    • 1" tall brass cones supplied, fit into inserts
    • an available option base kit of 1/2" thick aluminum provides broader 3-point mounting and greatly increased cabinet coupling
  • Black matte front panel and hardwood veneered on five sides
    • primary veneer option is Italian-produced Honeygold Burl with rich highlighting in a medium brown texture
    • other veneer and finish options may be available - Rosenut shown in photo above
  • Dimensions and weight
    • height: 1100mm/43.3"
    • footprint: 400mm/15.75" wide x 445mm/17.5" deep
    • top: 240mm/9.45" wide x 211mm/8.3" deep
    • approximately 45kgs / 100 lbs

    Drive units:

    • Tweeter Seas Excel, 1" treated fabric dome (Sonotex), ferrofluidless
    • Midrange B&C Components, 6" treated paper low mass cone, phase plug, powerful motor, and flat surround
    • Woofer Seas, 10 treated paper low mass cone, substantial motor

    Internal Cabling and Connectors:

    • Same as external cables
      • mid and high - Cardas SE 15AWG golden ratio, concentric, asymmetrical, coaxial, constant Q, crossfield, pure copper litz conductors
      • low Cardas 8AWG twisted-quad, golden ratio, constant Q, crossfield, pure copper litz
    • Neutrik XLR 4-pin receptacles for mid / high
    • Cardas Patented Binding Posts for low frequency output

    Enclosure Volume / Alignment:

    • Midrange 15 liters, sealed, critically damped
    • Woofer 50 liters, sealed, critically damped

    Acoustic Crossover Functions:
    When used with the Integris Active 300B amplifier system

    • mid to tweeter 2000Hz, fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley
    • mid to woofer 375Hz, fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley

    System Frequency Response:
    When used with the Integris Active 300B amplifier system

    • onaxis: +/- 1.5dB from 40Hz-20kHz
    • offaxis: trending evenly downward with increasing frequency; typically +/- 1.5dB at any horizontal angle
    • LF extension: -3dB at 30Hz / -6dB at 24Hz / -10dB at 20Hz
      • Optimized for typical room gain matching to provide full and accurate perceived extension

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