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Our Design Team

Aurum Acoustics is led by Derrick Moss (P.Eng, MBA). Derrick is a life-long audiophile with a passion for great music and great sound. He began developing his own audio projects 10 years ago and along the way he's had the opportunity to work with some of the industry's biggest brands but chose to pursue his own path.

Dissatisfied with the performance limitations of the common passive-crossover equipped loudspeaker, Derrick began to explore the field of active loudspeaker design. Controlling the combined amplifier and loudspeaker system proved tremendously advantageous and led Derrick to strategize an opportunity that is today’s Integris Active 300B. In addition Derrick recognized numerous other systematic weaknesses in the overall organization of the audio system and considered the current architecture, preserved over many decades, to be a key limitation to furthering performance. This led Derrick to strategize the need for a more idealized source component – the Integris CDP.

The business structure is lean in concept and usefully relies on a variety of key suppliers and technology development partners including Anagram Technologies, Plitron (and Menno Vanderveen), Bryston, Logitech Harmony Remote, Cardas, and several industrial manufacturing specialists. Systems and product design efforts are led in-house by Derrick Moss and greatly strengthened by the capabilities of these vendor firms.

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