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Our Solution

The Aurum Acoustics Integris series of products are developed via a thorough reanalysis of what the ideal internal system structure and function should be to provide superior performance and ease of use and installation. We have determined that there is significant room for further advancement but it lies mainly in the design of the system things that cannot be done in the normal multi-component system concept.

To this end, we offer what is fundamentally a two-piece music playback system consisting of an active loudspeaker system and an integrated CD player / preamplifier. Numerous internal boundaries have been eliminated and many internal circuit optimizations have been made that would not be possible within the conventional design restrictions and compromises imposed by the rules of open architecture.

We believe nothing has been lost and much has been gained in our execution involving the streamlining achieved within critical circuit paths; the eliminating of extraneous cables and connectors and ground paths; and the selection and matching of completely known circuits and their components.

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