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Breakthrough Products

The Integris CDP and Integris Active 300B utilize tremendous technology and are both highly customized internally to maximize their potential. They include design choices and opportunities that are impossible to achieve in the domain of separate components. Many of the elements within these designs may be recognized touchstones for high performance audio but with our unique brand of refined implementation, we have taken them to new levels.

The most visible gain is the apparent simplicity with which our technologies are applied a super high-end audio system has rarely looked as organized and compact or been as easy to operate. Cable clutter and confusion is minimized and the system is conveniently operated from one sophisticated but easy-to-use remote control.

The decision to have one middle boundary in the system at the line level connection after the preamp was a pragmatic one it is the most innocuous transition point and also a practical and universal break-point that will allow consumers to enjoy either of our products on their own terms. Future Integris products will be developed along similar lines.

While the Integris products are high-end statement-level offerings, they offer a keen and rational sense of value. They deliver a new state-of-the-art for technology and performance while being incredibly easy to install and operate and yet still offer tremendous versatility. The Integris products merit very considerable worth in the world of specialty audio products. Aurum Acoustics will be an important discovery for those for whom music satisfaction is the first priority.

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