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Our Future

Aurum Acoustics is engineering its brand and capabilities toward the expectation of a very different specialty audio market than we have today. Over the coming years, it is our goal to be a leader in the design and implementation of the finest home audio systems. We foresee offering primarily a range of highly integrated and versatile networked digital active loudspeaker systems to best meet future demands.

Our present Integris series lineup is our first step toward that goal by offering a system based on the finest digital and analog technologies available today. These exceptionally sophisticated and meticulously designed products deliver systems-engineering benefits to today’s audiophiles and music lovers. When new technologies emerge that can truly advance our products’ level of performance, Aurum Acoustics will be a leader in delivering an optimal solution that maximizes performance and ease of use.

In the short term, you may expect us to offer another Integris active loudspeaker system – likely a scaled down version for smaller rooms and budgets. We will also offer a limited number of accessories to complement our main products and offer high performance expansion modules to increase the utility of our products.

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