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The Sound

"The Integris brought magic to the music."  Mike Silverton, Ultra Audio

The Integris CDP is engineered to deliver a faithful recreation of the recorded event. In achieving this, its principal sonic attributes are of transparency and neutrality. The listener has an opportunity to fully hear the recording as intended with the least electronically artificial coloration and degradation introduced by the playback equipment. When playing compact discs, the resolution of the Integris CDP is substantially greater than most people have previously heard from CD or other formats. Whether recordings are new or old, the Integris CDP reveals a wealth of musical detail. With such powerful playback virtues, the music aficionado will eagerly look forward to years more of quality CD releases and their extensive CD collections will generate a newfound sense of value and appreciation.

The Integris CDP delivers a consistently open, lively, and naturally detailed sound with unprecedented micro-dynamic nuance across the entire sonic spectrum. The sound is unlike many other components that exhibit a definite sonic signature imbued by uneven resolution and micro-dynamic behavior. Such components may at first seem to have an attractive quality in some part of their sound but such attributes are typically the result of something lacking elsewhere. The Integris CDP defies such identifiable limitations. Characteristics such as soundstage portrayal and ambient detail that barely emerge from the other components are brought fully and naturally into view with the Integris CDP. With the Integris CDP, you can go to the performance - it is as vivid as being there. The linestage preamp and digital inputs enable remarkable potential from external sources. These features are competitive with the finest linestages and DACs. The performance will be largely dependent on the quality of the external sources and the cabling used to connect them.

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