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Integris CDP Analog Inputs

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The analog input board offers 5 buffered inputs two balanced and 3 unbalanced that are exceptionally transparent and permit the maximum potential to be realized from a wide range of analog sources. Only the input selected is connected through to the preamp this eliminates the noise and RF pickup otherwise possible from the unselected inputs.

Each input has an independent gain adjustment of +/- 6dB to better match input levels from different sources and with the internal CD playback level. In addition, any input can be set to a fixed gain level so that the user-determined volume level is preset and locked-in when that input is selected. This is ideal for connecting the left and right channels from a home theatre system through the Integris CDP and onward to the main power amplifiers; this way the user does not have to compromise quality by running their two-channel audio through a home theater processor.

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