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Integris Rack
Integris Rack

Electronic components perform best if vibrations are efficiently kept away or drained away from them. A host of aftermarket racks and accessories are available from many sources but Aurum Acoustics has set out to deliver our own tailor-fitted optimized solution. The Integris rack fits our electronic components like a glove and helps them perform at their best.

Each wood framed shelf is ideally matched to the Integris electronics in size and is available in the same veneer finishes as our loudspeakers. The upper shelf is supported by a rigid bolted aluminum exoskeleton. All metal components are finished with brushed and natural or black anodizing to the same spec as our components. Only the Integris Rack can look this good with our system!

The Integris Rack features rigid constrained layer shelving. The top surface of each shelf is a “floating” 3mm anodized aluminum plate. Very importantly this is identical material to that used in making our components chassis therefore the capture and flow of vibration is optimized. This plate is fully decoupled from the shelf except through a semi-rigid 40mm damping material that will effectively dissipate all audio frequency vibration entering it from either the component or upward through the rack.

A rigid coupling device is necessary between the component and the shelf plate as the vestigial rubber feet fitted on the component will interfere with vibration transmission – only the semi-rigid damping section of the shelf should have absorption capability. At Aurum Acoustics we routinely use and have available the Golden Sound Super ceramic cones. Other similar rigid-style (no soft or flexible types permissible) aftermarket isolation devices may work quite effectively as well.

Integris Rack The heavy skeletal frame maintains rigidity of the rack structure which is necessary to allow the damping section to work as the only micro-flexible medium between the mass of each component and the stability of mechanical earth/ground via the floor. The bottom shelf includes an additional set of 13mm thick aluminum members (identical to those available on our loudspeakers) for fastening a trio of cones or other footers. These members maximize the coupling and rigidity between floor and rack. A set of adjustable cones is included with floor protector discs. Two sets of threaded holes (6mm and 0.250”) are provided to accommodate a wider variety of special applications and alternate aftermarket footers.

The majority of components are preassembled before packaging. Only the 10mm thick vertical side bars and the cone footers need installation during assembly. All hardware, tools and instructions are included. Assembly time is 30-45 minutes.

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