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Integris Power Cords
Integris Power Cords

Aurum Acoustics has a very simple and very high performance AC power system available and strongly recommended for our Integris electronics. It is as simple as just one power cord per component – only two for our entire system – and one top-quality AC outlet for those two cords.

After many years of experimentation with power cords we have arrived at an optimal solution. We are fortunate to have the support of a preeminent high performance audio cable manufacturer, Cardas Audio, in producing a highly customized version of the Cardas Golden Reference power cord delivered to Aurum Acoustics’ specifications.

The power cord features multiple shielding and containment measures and premium connectors from Wattgate. With Cardas experience in developing their high quality conductors, geometry, and shielding, we feel this is absolutely one of the truest power cords on the market for any application, not just our own. It delivers the most natural and complete tone, dynamics, and soundstaging of any cord we have auditioned.

The optimal outlet to use with these cords is of course the Wattgate 381. It uses the same design principles as the Wattgate cable connectors and is therefore the ideal mate. The 381 enhances system performance with any power cord and it especially synergizes with our own power cords.

Each of our electronic components employs simple but effective AC filters for minimizing noise and enhancing performance. As of yet we have encountered no external filter or regeneration device that doesn’t diminish the refined level of our performance achieved by simply using our power cords directly to a wall outlet.

The only recommended device we have heard that enhances AC performance is the non-series connected Richard Gray line of units. We employ one simply connected to another outlet on the audio system circuit. The audio components are still directly connected to the wall outlet – the receptacles on the Gray unit are available for non-critical use.

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