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2008 CES –our annual visit from Roger Gordon

Roger always brings a tremendous variety of his own music picks with him, including some impressive movie soundtracks, as noted below.

Aurum Acoustics
Aurum provides a compete, captive system—CD player/preamp, amp, cabling and loudspeakers. The amp is actually a stereo tri-amp; i.e. six amplifiers in one. The tweeters and midrange drivers of the three-way speakers are each driven by a single 300B tube. Each woofer is driven by an in-house designed solid state amp. This is the fifth year that I have heard this system. Each year it sounds better and better. Sitting in the near field the system threw a very wide and deep soundstage with pinpoint imaging. The low bass was powerful and very well controlled. This was one of three rooms that could reproduce the low bass on the Van Helsing CD at high volume and with minimal distortion. Very impressive and extremely musical.

Source: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue35/ces08rg.htm

BTW – it isn’t as captive as Roger seems to state. The Integris CDP is a fine preamp for any system and any preamp could drive the Integris active 300B.

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