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NYC - Home Entertainment 2007 Report

Our first appearance at HE2007 put our products in front of a new audience. We partnered with Crystal Cable in using several of their Ultra cables and new Power Strip. Room acoustic treatments were incorporated from Inovaudio.

The demonstrations earned Aurum Acoustics great respect among attendees and press as the below comments and web-links will show. At least three Stereophile writers mentioned the Aurum Acoustics exhibit as a top room to visit during the Ask the Editors roundtable session! Look for some possible additional coverage yet to come in the August 2007 edition of Stereophile.

Marc Philip
www.magazine-audio.com [French website - several good pictures of the set-up here!]
Here we are in familiar territory, and once again, everything was done so the listener could listen to his favourite music in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The acoustic treatments, the integration of Crystal Cable Ultra, all due to the savoir faire of Derrick Moss, the designer of the Aurum Acoustics Integris system, had a seductive effect on the listener.

The system:
   • Integris CDP: $12,000 USD
   • Active 300B (6-ch. power amp with integrated crossovers + 3-way speakers + cables): $30,000

Many of the visitors told us after having heard the Aurum Acoustics system, that it was one of the best sounding rooms. Tonal equilibrium, even spectrum, subjective dynamics, very musical, beautiful finish… these were the words repeated the most.

Having debated with many of our international press colleagues, we were in agreement that indeed, the Aurum Acoustics system was among the best hi-fi systems presented at the New York show.

Cookie Marenco, Founder, producer Blue Coast Records
My favorite listening room was N°1515, the Aurum Acoustics room by Derrick Moss, where I found the acoustics to be the best overall. Not only were the speakers incredibly even throughout the frequency range, the room was tuned by the masterful diffusers and baffling system designed by Marc Philip. Beautiful in their look and amazing in their ability to correct the limitations of a hotel room, in combination with the Aurum system, I came back frequently when I needed a place for critical listening. They have my vote for the ‘Best Room’ 2007!
[This quote is featured in the magazine-audio show report linked above]

Clement Perry
Strictly in terms of tonal rightness with a splendiferous sense of musicality that is rare under most conditions and hardly, if EVER, attainable under dreaded show conditions, I must tip my hat to the Canadian designers of Aurum Acoustics. At $42k for the entire rig makes this even that much more unbelievable considering all the hyper-priced rigs flanking this very room. Simplicity is the word according to Aurum Acoustics (if you can call a tri-wired system simple, please be my guest). Their logic makes plenty of sense and moreover the sound was incredibly liquid and three-dimensional.

Our own Mike Silverton uses their CD player which lists for $12k and asked me to seek this room out since Mikey thinks much of their player. Well, now I can fully understand what's got Mikey all excited. The sonics of this room wowed me enough to nominate it as my Best of Show though, I will admit there was stiff albeit more pricey competition coming from the Scaena/Behold, Ascendo/Behold, Magico/VAC and the TAD/MSB rooms. Though grossly more expensive by comparison the Aurum Acoustics stood up toe to toe with no apologies except one: NOT gouging your bank account. Bravo.

Rick Becker
Enjoy the Music
Also fresh in my mind from Montreal was Aurum Acoustics, perennially one of the Best Rooms at that show. With the identical single-manufacturer system (aside from the Crystal cables) Derrick Moss went all out and added significant room treatments, easily surpassing his best performance at Montreal. The Aurum Acoustics rig is a highly integrated design whose components do not follow the traditional functional boundaries. The Integris CDP is a CD player/preamp for $12K, and the Integris Active 300B for $30K includes the 300B tube amplifier, crossover and the loudspeaker which includes an active solid state power amplifier for the bass driver. In my Montreal report I choked at the additional $16K for Crystal Cables, and here, I would venture to say that room treatments offered a more cost effective improvement. Regardless, it is hard to argue with the outstanding results heard here. If nothing else, the Montreal/New York comparison points to the critical benefits that can be realized by proper set-up and room treatment, regardless of the cost of your rig. I had an absolutely delightful listen to the re-mix of the Beatles' "Hey Jude."

Brett Rudolph
Enjoy the Music
Aurum Acoustics - A systems approach to the "perfect" sound. Derrick Moss, designer and president of the company was demonstrating his view of perfection. The system consisted of tube amplifier, CD player/preamp and speakers coupled together with Crystal Cable. While the system was not only strikingly beautiful, it also was one of the best sounding that I heard at the show.

Discussion Forum thread
Several Head-Fi members attended the show and wrote their comments in this show-recap thread.
"The Aurum Acoustics room for me was best in show."
"Stunningly clear, natural and musical presentation from a single-source complete system concept..."

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