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FSI 2007 show reports in UHF magazine

Issue #80 included two FSI reports with very positive mentions of Aurum Acoustics again. The relevant excerpts are below. The reports may be seen at UHF here.

Gerard Rejskind:
“Also well worth mentioning is the room of Aurum Acoustics, whose all-in-one system graced the cover of UHF No. 78. It was accompanied by a number of acoustic panels, which helped make it sound much more lively than it had at CES. This was one of the best rooms at the Festival.

Albert Simon:
“We then entered a n acoustically treated room by Inovaudio, featuring the Aurum Acoustics system, and listened with pleasure to John Gorka and Greg Brown singing two Pete Seeger songs from Where Are All the Flowers Gone. We were told about the changes that were made to the system, since we tested it at UHF, now using top-of-the-line Crystal Cables Ultra series within the speakers and as interconnects. Michael asked to hear his CD titled Sea Change by Beck, and then, for contrast, I handed over my CD of baritone Thomas Hampson, singing Beautiful Dreamer, a 19th century song by Stephen Foster — after having it demagnetized on the spot. Inovaudio had installed side panels and diffusers in the room and had added their decoupling supports under everything that produced the wonderful music we heard (table, equipment, speakers). “Excellent, coherent sound,” said Michael as we were leaving. “I also discovered sounds I never knew existed on this CD”. Added Jimmy enthusiastically, “It was so clear, so detailed!” I had to agree.

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