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FSI Montreal 2007 follow-up report

Aurum Acoustics allied with two new suppliers at this year’s show: Crystal Cable with their interconnects and power cords and Inovaudio with their acoustic panels and accessories. Both enabled and leveraged the Aurum Acoustics Integris System to new heights of performance within a show environment. We are looking forward to exploring our relationship with these quality companies quite a bit more – stay tuned! For starters, we are getting together again at the HE 2007 show in New York very soon.

The dominant source of press coverage at FSI this year, at least as far as we were concerned, appears to be the SoundStage! crew. Aurum Acoustics almost embarrassingly dominates their reporting: most companies may be happy to be mentioned once but we are featured there 5 times! On top of that, they name us their clear pick as the best of the show. Thanks guys! Here are some snippets but please go read the full reports at the links to get the complete story and see some pictures.

Marc Mickelson – “This is the system to hear if you attend a show where it is on sonic display. In Montreal this year, it was the ambassador for the potential of high-end audio.”

Doug Schneider – “One of the first systems that I listened to in Montreal was one that was most familiar to me, and one of the very best you can buy…. I've heard many systems that are far more expensive and don’t sound nearly as good… In comparison, the complete Aurum Acoustics system is a screaming bargain. Aurum’s system is one of the best in the world. Make the effort to hear it.”

Marc Mickelson – “the complete Aurum Acoustics system shines like a beacon of audio value and common sense. This system is the real thing, and it takes away the chore of picking components and hoping they sound good together. You won't see any audio reviewers write "I bought the review sample" because they couldn't continue to ply their trade with it, but for one music lover we met at the show, it was just the right purchase. "You're the smartest man here," I told him.”

“Aurum’s system is that good, so it should be no surprise to anyone that the company delivered what we thought was, by far, the best sound at the Festival Son & Image. This unique system is something special -- one of the best stereo systems on the market today regardless of cost.”

Stereophile blog entry by Robert Deutsch
RD does a great summary: “It's a "turnkey" system, and it works. Designer Derrick Moss has to be given a lot of credit for creating the synergy among the different components of the Aurum Acoustics system.” (small warning – his pricing notes were incorrect) There is also a great reader comment placed on this page too – thanks Jason!

Primarily in French, this is a long show report where Aurum Acoustics is featured. There are a couple of good pictures there and we contributed a lengthy comment on our experience there this year.

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