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CES 2007 follow-up report

Consumer Electronics Show – Las Vegas, Nevada, - January 8-11, 2007
Exhibit Room: Venetian Tower 30-220

Soundstage! 2006 Edge of the Art Award

Company President and Chief Designer Derrick Moss – showing off the Soundstage 2006 Edge of the Art Award plaque!

See more on the Award here.

“..the most resolving, revealing, and pleasing stereo system I’ve ever heard."
Doug Schneider, publisher, SoundStageAV.com

Derrick Moss and the Integris system at CES 2007

System set-up used at CES 2007: sweet and simple! The only way we know.

Just two power cords to one outlet and we’re running.

To suit Derrick Moss’ sonic preference, the seating was arranged in front of the room end window. This provided listeners with a more even tonal balance and honest imaging perspective – you could hear more of the system and less of the room than in most other suites.

We received numerous compliments for having a system perform the way a hifi system should! To sum it up, consider this note sent along by one visitor after the show:

Dear Derrick,

Thank you very much for demonstrating your spectacular Integris Active 300B System to me at this year’s CES show. You were very kind and courteous to me. I appreciated that very much.

Your Active 300B System was the best-sounding system I heard at the CES Audiophile demonstrations. I believe your design is absolutely brilliant and predict you will find that your business becomes a huge success in the near future.

I was a professional musician for 10 years. I played trombone in orchestras, jazz bands, marching bands and rock bands. I know what being in a “real” orchestra sounds like.

The thing I found most stunning about your system was the incredible DEPTH of your sound field. It was much better than anything else I heard. I could not hear the left or right speakers at all. It was as if they were “invisible”. I did hear an entire assortment of instruments lined up about 10 feet behind the speakers on a 3-foot tall stage! I also noticed that the percussion instruments were particularly spectacular and located in the rear of the orchestra, as they most often are. Your system produced the most realistic sound I’ve heard in my 25 years in the audio / video business.

Glenn Thomas, Owner
Reel Home Theater
2466 Concord Avenue
Santa Clara, Utah, USA 84765

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