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Visit Aurum Acoustics in Room 810, Delta Montreal during FSI 2005.

                              Discover high-end audio's most exciting new brand!

Aurum Acoustics is bringing its Integris CDP and Integris Active 300B to Canada's hi-fi consumer show, Le Festival Son et Image in Montreal, April 1-3.

In the past, our Integris products have won the praise of audiophiles and reviewers because of their unique design and amazing performance. Here's a sample of what last year's visitors had to say:

    Best I have ever heard! Bravo!
    Transparent and highly musical.
    You're my #1. Really.
    Very nice and refined and it can also Rock. Great product.

The Integris CDP has successfully completed its first production run and we have product available to ship to a select number of retailers and reviewers. Don't miss out on this superb and innovative product. Please read the attached pdf document for specific product information.

This is an exciting show for Aurum Acoustics as the first production run of the Integris CDP is ready to roll out. The Integris CDP is designed to be the entire front-end of an audiophile system by combining the CD transport, a Quantum sample rate converter, 24bit/192kHz DAC and 11 input active preamplifier. This elegant solution for music playback is a state-of-the-art performer compatible with virutally all audio systems.

Aurum Acoustics is also unveiling the latest version of the Integris Active 300B due to be released July 2005 with stunning new finish-work and higher performance than ever before.

For more details about the Integris CDP and the Integris Active 300B, visit the Aurum Acoustics website; to truly experience these products come to the Delta Montreal, Room 810.

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