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Montreal show follow-up report

Aurum Acoustics made its second appearance, as promised, at Le Festival Son et Image 2004. We presented the latest and nearly final iteration of our initial product offerings. The response of audiophiles exceeded our expectations! Many serious listeners stayed for several music selections. We also accommodated numerous listeners by playing their music and were treated to hearing some new and wonderful gems - thank you! We spent some quality time with several members of the Montreal Audiophile Association and we hope to see them again soon.

Numerous show-goers voiced their enthusiasm for our products and the quality of sound and unique execution of technology. Many people had difficulty believing they were hearing a system based on 5watt tube amplifiers or that the system could appear so tidy and organized and yet contain so much technology, performance and features. Some liked the whole system in its entirety; many others were attracted to either the Active 300B or the CDP - which is just fine by us. Used together or separately, both products are highly compatible in virtually any audiophile system.

Aurum Acoustics did a joint promotion with Harmony Remote at the show that we were quite happy with. Harmony Remote has provided us with excellent support in developing customized programming for using their family of products with our Integris CDP. We told them about the Montreal show and they decided they should be there and they were quite pleased with their exposure and results. They had a booth in the ballroom and had one of our CDP units on display while in our exhibit room we displayed several of their products and of course, used one to facilitate our demos.

We also had an opportunity to see several audiophile press members again at this year's show, as well as meet several new members. We were very pleased to find that numerous outlets have chosen to report on our company and products. A handful of online reports have appeared that we know of and at least a couple of print magazine reports are expected to appear. Please have a look at what interested authorities are writing about us.

Besides visiting us at our show exhibit room, we also had the pleasure of welcoming Andrew Marshall to our offices here in St. John's a few days later. Andrew was in town visiting AIG music reviewer Bob Oxley and we are glad he took a little time to drop by before returning home.

We are now busily putting the final details of our products into place and preparing our production setup. And looking forward to next year's Festival of course!

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