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Integris Active Loudspeaker system débuted at Montreal show - FSI

Aurum Acoustics made its début for the marketplace and industry at the highly regarded 16th edition of the Festival Son & Image from March 28-30, 2003. Delta Hotel Room 617 featured the Aurum Acoustics Integris active loudspeaker system. The debut was quite successful in capturing the attention and imagination of many show attendees. It was often standing room only as quite a few people stayed longer than expected to enjoy the music flowing from this innovative system. Lots of questions were asked that we were happy to answer - one of the most popular was "when will it be available?"

The consumers from the Montreal market and surrounding areas certainly impressed us with their music savvy and ability to appreciate musical performance first and foremost. Those with technical needs and inquiries were excited by the innovative design of the Integris and sometimes shocked by how it bucks many common trends and myths.

The demonstration system consisted of the Integris prototype as presently profiled throughout this website. At that time, this recently assembled show-quality prototype was but only a week old. It was a rather simple audio system with only a single front-end source component - an ideal implementation for the many audiophiles who listen to only CDs. An AudioAero Capitole MkII CD player with its built-in volume control delivered signal directly to the amplifier inputs via a pair of Audience Au24 interconnects. The CD player sat atop a customized Aurum Acoustics isolation platform that matched those used under the power amplifiers. Lined up in a simple array in front of the listeners, the system was visually elegant and non-obtrusive. A Foundation Research LC-2 line conditioner delivered power to the Capitole while Audience Powerchords were used for the power amplifiers.

Acoustic treatments were not used as we feel hotel rooms are so problematic that the cure of excessive treatments could be as bad as the disease. Nonetheless, the response to the system was extraordinarily positive from a broad mix of visitors that included consumers, industry people, and magazine reviewers and writers.

Among the press coverage from the Montreal show so far are:

The show was quite a success for us and has given us quite of feedback and motivation for moving forward. To all those who stopped by and listened - and especially those who talked to us - a big "thank you" is given. We are certainly looking forward to attending next year's show as well. We'll likely have to find a way to accommodate even more of these keen and welcome people!

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